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Angel is the Founder and CEO of FinTech Connector, a global platform that connects experts, financial institutions, and entrepreneurs across more than 120 countries. This collaborative ecosystem drives financial services innovation under Angel's astute guidance.

With a forward-thinking approach, Angel's leadership stimulates innovation, cultivates international networking, facilitates thought leadership, and forges strategic alliances that shape the trajectory of financial services.

Before establishing FinTech Connector, Angel was an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley in New York City, amassing a remarkable 26-year tenure during which he led multifaceted teams encompassing product, risk, and treasury support functions.

In his final role at Morgan Stanley, Angel pioneered the modus operandi of banks within the digital era. Serving as the leader of Digital Tooling & Data Transformation, he orchestrated transforming processes, elevating workforce skill sets, and integrating cutting-edge automation tools into the Finance Division. Furthermore, Angel was pivotal in the Finance Data Renovation initiative, a strategic and multi-year endeavor targeting data quality enhancement, data sourcing strategies, and end-user-oriented business intelligence capabilities.

Angel actively contributes to the startup community by providing strategic counsel and mentorship to fintech entrepreneurs, enabling them to scale and steer the growth of their enterprises. Recognized for his accomplishments, Angel secured a place on Diversity MBA Magazine's prestigious Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Executives list.

Educationally, Angel earned his undergraduate degree in Accounting from the City University of New York - Baruch College and later pursued an MBA specializing in Finance and Information Systems from Pace University. Additionally, he furthered his knowledge by obtaining Certificates in Fintech: Future Commerce and Big Data & Social Analytics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Mr Angel Lorente

Founder and CEO of FinTech Connector



October 31, 2023 | 09h00

Hotêl HYATT Regency Casablanca